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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Babies

Written By FaithRMichaels

Spring is a very busy time for the folks at the Arkansas Native Plant and Wildlife Center.
As everyone knows spring brings babies.
Bird babies,deer babies,possum,coon,squirrel etc.
In the wild many of these babies are orphaned and show up on the doorstep of the Arkansas Native Plant and Wildlife Center.
These babies are cared for by volunteers and rehabed to be released back into the wild.
As we all know babies require things and animal babies are no exception.
The Center is in need of Baby bottles,your old newspapers,your gently used clean blankets,towels, and of course money for formula.
The baby otters need Fish,(So do the grown ones)and the baby owls and other predator birds eat lots of mice.
So if you can supply anything here or on this list..then please send whatever supplies you have..Like I said news papers are always needed and baby bottles with the nipples are always required.
Spring is here and here comes the next generation of Arkansas Wildlife.

To make a donation or send supplies

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