Arkansas Native Plant and Wildlife Rehab Center operates 100% on public donations. The Center receives no Federal or State funding. All proceeds from all programs goes 100% towards the care and rehab of the Centers animals.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

update on the Center

A news crew from KTBS recently went out to visit the Arkansas Native plant and Animal Wildlife Rehab Center and spoke with Tommy; who is the director of the Center.

Tommy and his volunteers tirelessly continue the work with great love through many rough times.
With the economic downturn people are just not coming like they were.
The United States has been hit over the past few months with triple digit heat which has followed on the heels of devastating spring storms and floods.

The Wildlife rehab Center sustained some damage from these storms as well.
The repair is done but much work still remains to be done.

Tommy and his volunteer crew do this work for the love.
Tommy and his family work tirelessly to rehab the injured animals that people bring to them.
The rehab center receives no state or federal funding.

To view the interview and see some of the work on the link below and see for yourself the beautiful connection this man has with the wild animals.If you can help in any way with supplies like newspapers,towels,food for the animals etc please do so.
Money and food orders are always appreciated and no amount of money is to small.

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